Saturday, November 30, 2013

Get In My Stocking - Version 3.0

Judge me if you must, but the success of my virtual Christmas list over the past two years (2011 and 2012) has been so great, that I must push forward with this new 'tradition' of mine, and broadcast my greatest desires for the upcoming Holiday for all of the world to see. New this year, you will find an abbreviated version of a list for our son, Henryk, who will be making his big debut in January! Because whats more fun than making a list of adorably necessary baby boy things? Nothing, that's right, nothing is more fun than virtually shopping for a baby. If you follow me on Pinterest, you  may have seen a few of these pop up in my pins. I use Pinterest for its original creation, to remember things I find on the internet! Brilliant!
Conveniently for my hubs, choosing to write this during the Black Friday weekend means most everything is on sale! Get on it babe! 

Without further ado...

This Sombrio hoodie, size XL (I like 'em big... name that movie) is a MUST in my life! Purple, Canadian company... I love everything about it! I can't get the image to transfer over... click through to enhance your virtual shopping experience!

Continuing on the cozy clothing train, this gorgeous cashmere sweater needs to be in my life, NOW! I'll take Black or Classic Smoke Heather, in large. If you wanted to order more than one, great! I plan on snuggling our baby for hours lounging in this piece of heaven!

Next up, I'd of course love some new jewelry, honoring the most precious men in my life! This Initial necklace belongs on my body. They are backed up in orders for a while, so maybe this could be my 'push' gift? Hint hint... I'll take the Sterling Silver, 18" long, with a J and H of course.

Now lets move into the kitchen. I would love this Pitbull tea towel, it definitely needs to be in my life! The Etsy shop, Dog Park Publishing,  that this is from has some other cute doggie stuff too, so feel free to browse hubs, and choose anything else I might like. Cookie cutters make great stocking stuffers!

I'm ashamed to admit it, but ever since I moved away from home oh... 8 years ago, I've been boiling water for tea or oatmeal in a pot, and I would LOVE a beautiful Le Creuset tea pot! Preferably in Flame, Marseille, or Caribbean.

I've started a tradition, I guess you could call it that, of wanting something silly but awesome from Anthropologie every year. These graphic bear candles definitely fill that spot on the list this year. I like both sizes...

 And finally... Boots. Since I'm going to be having this baby in the heart of Central Oregon winter, I think some warm, cute and non slip boots are definitely in order, and these Sorels are just what my heart desires! Size 9 please, in curry/herringbone.

And lets finish up with a little more cozy, in the form of this blanket from Threshold at Target. I really want this teal one, but its a in store only deal, so if you can't suffer through a trip to Target during the holidays, I'd take the tan or orange one and be just as happy.

And I think that's it for larger gifts! In my stocking I would love to see some tongs for the kitchen, maybe a new tote bag for the farmers market and grocery store, either those tiny ones from Whole Foods (they sell them near the register), or this hilariously awesome one from West Elm. I'd also love some new wool biking socks, ankle length please. Oh yeah, and a new sewing machine would be awesome too... Just saying. Look for a coupon before you order it though!

So do you love getting a sneak peek at other peoples wish lists during the holidays? I just love the feeling of indulgence from listing every single thing that I'm wanting! Any major gifts you're desiring? Leave a note in the comments! Happy holidays!

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