Friday, November 1, 2013

30 Week Bumpdate

Hey there people! We have finally crossed the 3/4's of the way line, 30 weeks!!! Woot! On with the sharing and bump date!

Yep... Look at that damn thing! I am huge! I am also slouching, so that makes it look like an extra large bump, instead of the pretty average one that it is in reality. I am still in shock that we only have 10 weeks to go, but I am so excited to meet our little man!

How far along: 30 weeks + 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: Gaining steadily at the 1lb a week since 14 weeks, so I am up 16 lbs. In my Doctors words, "right on track" and "I wish all my patients were as healthy as you". Thanks Dr. Clark.

Maternity clothes: Oh yes... I am reaching the point where I want to burn all my maternity clothes, but most of them are borrowed. Having a limited wardrobe really starts to grate on the nerves. Also, I am anxious to buy a new pair of fall/winter boots, but I don't want to for fear my feet will swell and change sizes and my new boots won't fit! Irrational much?

Stretch Marks: Still the same ones on my boobs, one new one on the side of one boob, and I have this tight, pulling feeling right below my belly button that I worry might stretch into one. I've been massaging lotion into the spot religiously but... like I said before, you can't fight growth spurts!

Sleep: I feel like just as I head into this final stretch of pregnancy, I am figuring out how to sleep comfortably. I build a little fortress of pillows, nestle inside, and pretty much don't move until Cash wakes up to go outside around 2am. I've learned that propping up my belly with a little pillow works wonders for easing the pain I was feeling in my hip joints!

Best moment this week: Had a steller round of interviews for a new job within my company that I really want! Also, gifts have started pouring in from our shower registry, so thats been really fun to open and get excited about!

Miss anything: A good nights sleep, wine, beer, etc etc... Minor things in the grand scheme of pregnancy. I also miss my family, even though they are close, it still seems so far away!

Movement: Non-stop! This baby is a busy boy, just like his parents!

Food cravings: No new cravings, but I have been STARVING constantly. I feel like there is no way I can consume enough calories to meet this boy's demands without making myself literally sick. A few nights now, I've woken up around 3am with my stomach growling, and had to eat a bowl of oatmeal or a banana, just so I can fall back asleep! This is not boding well for 14 years from now and my grocery bill...

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Not too bad, I am definitely thinking the worst of those symptoms are over.

Have you started to show yet?: The new game is... how big can she get? Strangers love to talk about my belly... Its actually pretty annoying.

Gender: Henryk, our baby BOY!

Labor signs: Nope! Braxton Hicks every now and then, but we are doing well!

Belly button in or out: Innie, but it is going through some major changes, and I am starting to think it might just pop out!

Wedding ring on or off: On! Always!

Mood: Overall... pretty dang good! Its a little shocking. 

Looking forward to: Two things...
One - Our baby shower is next weekend! I can't believe it! So I am really looking forward to spending time with friends and family celebrating our little man.
Two - Finishing up this nursery! We've got paint on the walls, trim and chair rail and the new light fixture will go up this weekend, then we can assemble the furniture and start decorating! I can't wait! It already looks so great in there with the new paint.. I'll update with photos soon!!!

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  1. Yes to this and I love your chalkboard door! I think we must be due the same week and I can SO sympathize with you on many of these...except the good mood one. Haha! Hope you're feeling well as you reach the end!


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