Friday, November 30, 2012

Get in my Stocking Version 2.0

So great was the success of my bloggie Christmas list last year, I've decided to get ahead of the game and write my wants for this year! My husband is the BEST gift-giver! Would you believe me when I say he went out and picked out a beautiful purse for me not once, but THREE years in a row!! Love him and his great taste!!! He also hates going to stores, so this handy guide will help him find all that my heart desires, without leaving the comfort of our home! Without further ado...

This beautiful jacket from BB Dakota... in medium. I have been coveting a mustard yellow peacoat for several years now, and this one looks like the perfect fit!

Our first dance song was 'This Must Be the Place,' by the Talking Heads, so of course I MUST have this necklace, in the oxidized silver finish. Absolutely beautiful!

 I didn't get the Marc Jacobs watch I wanted last year, and now hubs is claiming he doesn't like the look of rose gold... WHAT?!! So I had to pick out a new watch that is less blingy, and I think The Georgia Leather watch in Bone, by Fossil, is just what I want!

Although our household is still waiting patiently for the return of hockey season and our Detroit Red Wings, I think I need some new swag to look the part of a Wings fan! This hoodie, in medium, will work perfectly!

There are so many other things I have rattled off that I want for Christmas, like a new bladder and hose system for my Camelpack, a butter cutter thingie for baking, and some padded cycling tights, like these from Specialized. 

I have also been rekindling my love for yoga lately, so a new mat with a bold pattern would be much desired!

And last but certainly not least, I would love some fuzzy new slippers! I love a pair with a hard sole, since I run around outside with the doggies all the time. I love the Wicked Good Moccasins from LL Bean! The reviews are all over the place, so a pair like them would do just fine too.Size 8, in red please.

Now for stocking stuffers... I would love some thin gloves for walking the dogs or staying warm while driving home late from work. A new wallet is also needed, something wide enough to hold my checkbook. Go to Clutch hubby! I'd also love some seeds to plant in our garden next year... wildflowers, sunflowers, cosmos... whatever. I am already ready for spring and it hasn't even snowed here yet.

So whats on your list this year?! Spill!

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