Friday, December 2, 2011

Get in my Stocking!!

Or on the floor/under the tree nearby if you can't fit.
Although my handsome lover face man is an excellent gift giver, I decided he needed a handy list to access during his shopping adventures. And in case my family and friend needed any hints...

I need this Slipper Chair from World Market. It needs to live in an empty corner in our Master Bedroom, where I can perch upon it and sip my coffee, while contemplating life.

This gorgeous rose gold Marc Jacobs watch. It belongs on my wrist. That rich, warm gold tone has me swooning already.

Two years ago, J and I were walking around downtown Bend, and happened to pass the local handbag shop, Clutch. I was drawn to the window, where a glorious mustard yellow purse hung. "I want that!" I shouted, as James continued down the street. 3 weeks later, I opened a giant box and there was my purse! Three cheers for a man who pays attention, but pretends he isn't! Since then, I have received another Ellington Purse as a gift, and I am hoping for the third this year. This one would be just perfect. I really need a cross body bag, but I love the idea of being about to convert it to a handbag. Yummy. And Ellington is an Oregon company, so more cheers for supporting the local (state) economy.

Since becoming engaged, my trusty left hand ring has become displaced. I having been wanting a right hand ring for a while, and I think this Infinity ring would be glorious. Its even my size!!

So... I love music. Especially in the car. And I like to bump my beats as loud as possible without drawing too much attention to my ghetto-fab Subaru. And this has caused me to blow a speaker. Which makes my car even more G-fab. So I would really like some new speakers. Please. And J to install them. Please.

And thats about it. In my stocking I'd like to see some gray nail polish, maybe some pretty headbands, a big pack of bangles since mine have all been lost or broken. I'd also like some short athletic socks, and maybe a gift certificate for a massage. Or some gift cards. To JCrew, Nordstrom, Gap, or Banana Republic, cause I want some new clothes!!!

And I think that's about it. For now. What are you friends asking your family for? Did I miss anything critical?

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  1. Oh goodness, that chair is beautiful!! I love looking at people's wish lists. I have no idea why but I just like to see what people are wanting!


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