Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gifts from Afar

Well here we are friends. Rounding the corner on the colorful and crazy block that is Christmas Week! J and I (well at least I) have all my shopping D-U-N Done! besides a few small stocking stuffers. It feels good. I started early this year and was pleased when all my larger purchases were made by the first week of December. Its given me more time to relax and go on a cookie baking spree!!! I work with a crew of sugar lovers, so I bring the majority of them to work. Happy co-workers = happy workplace.
Today I just wanted to share a little change I made to our Fall Wish Tree, as well as a cool little ornament I received in the mail earlier this week. 

First up, the tree!!! You all remember the easy craft I made for Fall and our wedding a few weeks back. I am super obsessed with the gnarly, organic shape of this branch, so I moved it into our bedroom and took off all the tags, replacing them with colorful shatterproof (aka puppy proof) balls!

Our bedroom has been one of the last places to receive much decor of any sort since we moved in. We made the epic mistake of painting it the same Peanut Butter color as our living room, and haven't done anything about it since. The funny thing is, our bedroom faces North, and the color is much more comforting in that space. It honestly doesn't bother me as much, I think its the lack of natural light. It warms the room up. Either way, our bedroom will eventually  become a soothing gray, with accents of white, coral and navy blue, but that's a whole other blog post.

The wish tree is perched upon one of my first furniture makeovers, a cabinet that my mother gave me when I moved out. It was a wham-bam-sand and stain job, but you have to start somewhere right? I like it.

In my blog crawling as of late, I came across Julia's blog, a living space. I found her through Hi Sugarplum's holiday craft party, and her Oregon Ornaments she linked up! As an Oregon girl, it was like a moth to flame when I saw that project, I was dying!! So of course I left a comment, spilling my guts about my love for her craft, and Miss Julia emailed me back, asking if I wanted one!!!!
Of course I replied YES!!!!, then ran around the house like a crazy person I was so excited!! She glazed the heart in purple (fave color duh) and sent it off right away!

Doesn't it look fabulous on our tree?  It makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of it. Also, I find that this a perfect example of blogging and how powerful it can be. Here is someone I never would have met, but came across by chance, and now I have an object they created in my home, and the buds of a new friendship. Before I started a blog, I was drawn into the world of kind and passionate people all sharing their creativity, and this is a real life example of that. And I am thankful for blogland and all that it contains. 

So on that note, Merry Christmas to all!!! 

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  1. YAY! It looks great on your tree! I'm so happy you like it! If you don't mind, I'll show off the pictures on my blog and link over to you :)

    I got way behind on reading blogs over the holiday, so this is a bit late... oops!


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