Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks and Treats!

Happy Halloween my friends!! In this house right now, its more like HOWLoween!! Baby Cash is doing awesome, and Sammy is his usual self, not wanting to share his toys or food, but sweet nonetheless. Lots has been going on around here, starting with our friend Ash and her contractor hubby Ken staying with us!!!! Ken has some crazy motivation, and decided he was going to re-paint our great room!! WOW!! This is a project I've been wanting to tackle for ages, but I am a shortie and I hate pulling out the ladder so its been on the back burner. Not anymore!!
Remember when I challenged myself to make over our living room a few months back? Painting over the peanut butter (yes thats really what the paint color is called... shoulda known better...) was a major priority.

This picture is pretty true to the color of the paint. Peanut butter, literally. And now... its going bye bye!!!!!!!! Ken has finished cutting in, and James and I are off to buy more paint (Behr Gobi Desert in Eggshell), and I think we are going to get hardware for our kitchen cabinets too!!! Ahhh! So much fun its killing me! I am in shock over how much the new paint color changes the room. The orangey (not a real word) oak cabinets are popping off the lighter wall color, and I sort of like them now?!! What has come over me!?
I love how a small change like new paint colors can steamroll into a mini makeover of a whole room!

In closing, I will leave you with a pile of cuteness in the form of new pics of Cash, and some old Halloween shots of James, Sammy and I.

Cash is growing FAST and will be 10 weeks old on Thursday. He loves laying in the sun and gnawing on rawhide chips.

Here is Sammy at our old house downtown 2 years ago. Our fence was wrought iron with flames on it for real! And James, being the 12 year old trapped in a 30-somethings body, loved impaling a pumpkin on the fence.

Our anniversary is November 11th, so one year we had a pimps and ho's theme party for it. Such a good time. These pictures explain it pretty well. Except they don't show James red pleather pants... Memorable, let me tell ya!!!

This was 2009, I was a saloon girl and James was a dead cowboy. He lost that awesome western hat that night. A worthy sacrifice. 

And we finish with 2010. We both had to work that morning, and everyone at work dressed up. My man LOVES painting his face. It gets better every year. 

As you can see, we have a dead chef, an 80's workout instructor, me - a ladybug, David Bowie, a panda, Taylor Swift, and Sean Waak (an old bartender). Good times, I love these people!! 
Hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable Halloweekend!!! Be back soon with pics of our updated kitchen and great room!

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  1. I want to squeeze those puppy cheeks. How cute!

    And who thought PB would be a good name for a wall color?


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