Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The F Word

The word that everyone's been whispering, but no one has truly embraced yet.

It's coming. 
And proof is in the Fall West Elm catalog that showed up in our mailbox a few days ago. Of all the home catalogs that we get, West Elm is BY FAR my favorite. I've gone gaga over their Shane Powers Hanging vase here.

As I prepared dinner last night, I cautiously opened the first page of the catalog... and BAM!!
All pictures are property of West Elm, I am just dying over them
Everything about this room is perfection to me. And my love deepened when James said he liked this couch as well. Say WHAT??!! Hiphip hurray! Then he also said I am wearing him down with my incessant design talk. {love him} And have I ever mentioned that my dream house will have a library? Cause it will!

Turn to the next page of the catalog (pg 6)
I DIE! Seriously. This room could implant itself in my living room and I would be a happy woman. I am already a happy woman, but it would go next-level happiness.  
Plush Gray sectional? Check. 
Low arching drum shaded lamp? Check. 
Cozy, make-you-wanna-dig-your-toes-in rug? Check. 
Gigantic wall full of sweet vintage details? Check. 
Green-gray door with oak trim? Check. 

The whole catalog is FULL of amazing rooms and fantastic details. James and I poured over the whole thing together, and picked out at least twenty items we want NOW. 
How many will we get now? None. We have Whistler coming up. It is a no-spend time in our lives right now. However, Christmas is coming it's almost fall and I will definitely be splurging on new things. 
This room and its implantation into my brain has also caused me to issue a personal challenge to myself. With this photo as my inspiration, I am going to try and make our living room look similar to this space. In one year. 


Here is what our living room looks like today.

It is a large, open space which joins our kitchen and dining room, as well as our entry nook. A hallway runs off it which leads to our bedrooms and bathrooms. The layout of the house is ideal. We are entertainers, and live in our kitchen, so for it to be joined with the living space is perfection.

Looking from kitchen into living room. Entry to the left of the hall.

Here is my list of things-to-accomplish for this space to reach my goal of West Elm perfection:

Paint over 'peanut butter' walls. (They are orange. Our floors, trim, and cabs are oak. Yuck)
Purchase new couches or sectional
Find art or wall covering solution for giant wall behind TV (grasscloth?)
TV console solution (build or refinish something thrifted)
Current console... sweet. Not. But functional lol.
 Refinish drop leaf table
Gorgeous but we have enough oak. It needs to be black.
 Paint interior doors greenish-gray and add moulding detail (or find vintage door w/glass panes for pantry)
I like this color, Behr Witch Hazel

Replace gigantic floral chair 
Chair not good. Not at all. And not comfy so re-upholstery is not an option.
 New Rug
Refinish coffee table
Find fantasy lamp

I love the idea of sliding a small pallet on casters under the coffee table like in the room on pg 41. (can't find the image online) Sigh. I'm in dream-land right now. 

Anyway, I obviously have a Looooooong ways to go but I work better under pressure. Only 365 days left in the living room challenge. I welcome any suggestions, but be gentle. We are living with furniture from combining households, and we aren't bazillionaires. Our house is comfy and not perfect, we upgrade when we can afford it. We have pets. Our furniture shows it.

Whew. Serious biz I am putting myself into right now. But a year is a long time. And goal-setting helps me achieve results. 
Alright kids, wish me luck. I'm off to work on an art project for the giant wall. 

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  1. I am so excited fall is on the way, I love the warm, deep colors of fall...and the warmth of the first inspiration from west elm is no exception. Love the Behr Witchhazel color, it will look fantastic. Good luck on your project.


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