Thursday, August 25, 2011

Failure times two

So sorry for not being around with posts for the last oh... week. Or more. Sorry.

Please note, I have attempted two different crafty projects in this time period.
The first I hinted at in my West Elm Fall Fantasizing last week, it was supposed to be a piece of art for the giant wall in our living room.
I had an old poster frame from Wal-Mart, and picked up this vintage-looking botanical prints at one of my fave stores here in Central Oregon, Casareal. All four were only $5 total. I gave the frame a couple coats of Oil Rubbed Bronze to freshen it up, and things were looking good for new art for the living room!
As I got deeper into the project, I decided to try and 'measure' where I should glue the prints... bad idea.

Needless to say, I messed up on the second one I glued down, and then the paper started separating as I tried to remove it!!! Gah!!! So I gave up and had another glass of wine and watched old episodes of Design Star on HGTV. I think I am going to cut out the cardboard that they are glued on, and maybe mount that on some old wood or something? Or get a canvas? I dunno. I'm sad. So that was Crafty Fail #1. Oh yes there is more...

A few weeks back, I had the brilliant idea to spray paint our plastic trash can in our bathroom. I got a bouquet of sweet peas from the farmers market that were the perfect coral red color, and it was a nice pop in our teal and white bathroom. I love a good chevron print, so I snagged some Heirloom White and Apple Red paint and got to it. I even took a bunch of pics so I could do a great tutorial when my awesome project was complete.

I present you with, Crafty Fail #2... 
From far away, its not too bad. And by not too bad I mean, as soon as I find a new trashcan that isn't crappy plastic, it will be replaced. Here is a quick list of ways I failed for your reading pleasure: 
1. Used spray paint that is not intended for use on plastic. 
2. Used painters tape that is not intended for use on plastic. 
3. Failed to do any sort of measuring, which as indicated in the story above, also spells disaster. 
4. Forgot about said project for a couple days in the warm garage, so when I pulled off the tape, a bit or two of white paint came along with it. 

So thats whats up. Sometimes I suck at crafts, sometimes I kick ass at crafts. 

Any crafty mishaps you care to share? I'd love to hear it. Make me feel better.

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