Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Refreshment

One of my fave things about summertime is impromtu gatherings of friends, and easy to throw together sides to bring along!! This is my favorite summer side, and its simple! You probably already have all the ingredients!

Watermelon Mint Salad
Seedless watermelon (I used half of a large one)
Fresh Mint
(optional) margarita

  • Slice melon in half and slice off rind
  • Cut melon into cubes and place in large bowl 
  • Chiffonade fresh mint
  • Sprinkle over watermelon
  • Toss to disperse evenly 
  • Enjoy!!!

Yummy!!! The mint enhances the crisp, juicy flavors of the melon! This dish is the perfect summer finger food. 

A few quick notes:
James and I had a small discussion on how to select a great watermelon. I always use the 'knock' method. If you get a nice, hollow sound when you knock on the melon, its a good one! This trick has never failed me. My chef bf had never heard of this?!
To make a 'chiffonade' cut, place mint leaves atop one another and roll up tightly. Slice into small (1/2cm ish) pieces. This technique prevents bruising of the leaves and is the most aromatic way to chop fresh leafy herbs. It is classic for fresh basil as well.

A fun use for leftovers (if you have any) is to whip up a quick summer cocktail! Place the melon which is already coated in mint in a pint glass and muddle with some ice. Top with simple syrup, light rum, and club soda. Garnish with a lime, and you have a Watermelon Mint Lo-hito!!! If you don't have simple syrup and/or club soda, use sprite or other lemon-lime soda.

The heat of summer is here! How are you beating it?


  1. Such a great summertime salad. I actually add feta cheese and black olives. Sounds weird but tastes amazing!

  2. That does sound amazing!! I love feta and olives, I will totally be trying that twist! Thanks for stopping by Carol!!


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