Sunday, August 14, 2011

{Day Off} Mt. Hood

Hi friends! Oh my gosh, summer kicks my boo-tay! Between working and working more enjoying my free time, the time is just flying by! But on the flip side,  our Whistler trip is just a few weeks away! {Grins} Its going to be amazing.

James and I managed to get a day off together last week, and we decided to take a day trip to Mt. Hood Skibowl with a couple friends for some downhill mountain biking.

Mt. Hood from Hwy 26, headed west
Getting closer! Hood from the SE side

Over several rivers and through a lot of woods, and we arrived at our destination, Mt. Hood Skibowl. Ski Bowl is the smallest resort on Mt. Hood, but features killer night skiing in the winter, and lots of thrilling adventures in the summer months! They have a half-mile long alpine slide which is hella fun, as well as lots of other activities. We chose the $30 all day mountain biking pass. Its pretty simple, you ride a chairlift up, a lift tech loads/unloads your bike for you, and you rally downhill as fast as possible!

Looking at the hill from the parking lot. Alpine slide is under the lift on the left.

Our bikes

Chairlift silly time
The Alpine slide riders get off at a mid-point, us downhillers ride to the top.

Mt. Hood, and Skibowl's historic warming hut

The boy crew rolling down the road
We made as many laps as our bodies could handle, on the three downhill trails Ski Bowl offers. The group fave was called 'Fire Hydrant' and is a steep, and technical descent. Near the bottom there are several freeride areas, one with lots of man-made ladders, and another with gap jumps and table tops. Sorry for the lack of riding pics, we were having too much fun to stop and take photos.

I did stop mid-ride to lay down in the flowers and snap this shot of Mt. Hood. The wildflowers are EVERYWHERE on Hood right now, and I love this mountain so much I had to stop and capture the beauty.

We had an awesome day of riding, and capped it off with some brews and snacks at Mt. Hood Brewing Co.,  in Government Camp. I didn't take any pics here either, but enjoyed a pint of Cloud Cap Amber on nitro, and Cascadia Pale Ale.

Even though James and I haven't been having many days off together lately, its nice that we can get outta dodge for just a day, and have a great time regardless.

Any fun day trips you've taken lately? Downhill extreme mountain biking? Let's hear all about it!
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