Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Impromtu Family Expansion

Call me crazy. I know it, James knows it, we are all ok with the situation. 
Remember back a few months ago when I posted about our fur baby Cruz? Well its been about 8 months now since Cruzie passed away, and we have had a lot of time to grieve and recover from our loss. Our agreement was to not get another puppy until:
A) We returned from our long trip to Canada
B) It was just worked out
Now everyone knows, life has a way of making you work, instead of things just working out.  Not many people know this, but we have tried to get 3 different puppies since we returned home and they all fell through.
But somehow last Wednesday the starts aligned, I drove 9 hours round trip with Sammy to Roseburg, and returned home with this little monster. 

World, Meet Cash!!!! 

He is an 8 week old Rottweiler/Pitbull mix, but we think he might have some boxer in him as well. We rescued him from a group called Saving Grace, located in Roseburg, Oregon. After James spotted him on a rescue website, we immediately called the shelter to find out if he was still available. Low and behold, he was the last in the litter and still there! After an all day adventure, we made it back to Bend around 5:30pm, (I left at 8am, ugh, long day), and started our new life!!

While Sam seems to be slightly skeptical, the boys are getting along extremely well so far. Cash was a little skinny when I brought him home, so I invested in some high protein puppy food to put some meat on his bones. He is VERY food motivated, I imagine he is still used to having battle his siblings for his share, so we are slowly working on that by making him 'sit' and wait for his food. We also feed him small portions at a time out of our hands, so he gets used to our scent on his food, which will help in the future with food dominance issues. 

We took a trip up to Hood River for venue hunting this weekend, and the boys came along. Cash got to meet my parents three Malteses, as well as Sophie. That was quite an experience, a 5 year old and an 8 week old puppy, but it was overall quite successful. 

As puppies do, he sleeps often, and bites anything he can get his mouth near. We've been keeping a toy nearby at all time so we can correct his biting by giving him something that's ok to chew on, and he is catching on super fast.  He is great at riding in the car, and is getting used to crate training. Potty training is coming along as well. 

Yesterday he got to play in the truck for a while as James and I prepared to take a quick bike ride. 

We are loving him!!! Don't get me wrong, it has been quite a ride already, but we are on the right track to raising an awesome pup! He still has to get two  more shots before we can really start taking him places (the parvo risk is still very high!), but the next one is next week, so time is flying already.
I'm just feeling super thankful that life decided to finally 'work out', and bring us the puppy we've been waiting for.

So what do you think of our little mush-mush? Adorable? Want to steal him? I figured. Hope you all are enjoying Fall and getting ready for Halloween!!! I want to be Nicki Minaj...

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