Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Get in Henryk's Stocking! (version 1.0)

As promised, (me, following through on a blog promise?! Crazy!) here is Henryk's list of desired gifts for the upcoming holiday. Since he has yet to make an appearance, I have taken the liberty of assembling this list for him. So basically, its things James and I want for baby boy. I think he'll be okay with that.
This list has been assembled from our Amazon Baby Registry, which if you are a soon-to-be momma I highly recommend using, and my Pinterest.

We will start with the big, expensive gifts, just to get the shock factor out of the way. This Osprey backpack. Our friends Garrett and Carly and their son Kellen have it and use it ALL of the time! Since James and I love to get outside and play, this will be an easy way to pack the boy and all his gear! Plus, you can just set it down and it stays propped up, so he can chill in it on the floor while mom and papa have a post adventure beer. Priorities.

Next up, some prettiness from Aden & Anais of course! We received some bamboo swaddle blankets fron this company for our shower (thanks Alex!), and they are to die for soft! Henryk would love the Muslin changing pad cover in the Liam the Brave Dog pattern. He already loves his pups, so we have to represent them in the nursery. I imagine its a good idea to have more than one changing pad cover too... Just a thought?

Sticking with the dog theme, Henryk would love this Jonny Justice Gund plush toy. For those who may be new around here, James and I are huge supporters of rescue dogs, specifically the pitbull type breed. Jonny Justice is a rehabilitated pitbull, best known for being rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. He is now a therapy dog, and is changing the populations view on pitbulls daily! He has done such a great job with his work, he was named most beautiful dog in the country by Gund and has since been immortalized in a stuffed toy! So obviously, we need a fluffy Jonny around here.

Next up, how about some precious baby pants for our little man? These Bear leggings from Salt City Emporium appear to be sold out, boo, but these arrow ones are precious too! Love it!

I also LOVE these name leggings by Jennifer Ann. How precious would they be on my little man?! I die.

And finally, we will finish up with come cozy in the form of a beautiful blanket, from Fine Little Day. I think its sold out, and also made in the UK so super expensive and costly to ship,  but boy is it beautiful!! The whole site is full of beautiful gear, so anything from it would be graciously accepted and well loved.

Henryk would also really like a baby book, as he doesn't have one yet... appalling I know. I had an interesting Doctors appointment yesterday and may end up on bed rest for these last 4 weeks of my pregnancy, so that will be a project I attack with fervor.
What are your kiddos asking for this year? I can't wait to share Christmas with our son over the years... the joys of parenting. Share in the comments!

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  1. So guess what?? I'm laying in bed, catching up, and ENJOYING all of my blogs today--what is this craziness?!

    LOVE that changing table coverup! I still need to get Baby Sand's so I may check out that website--you can never go wrong with anything dog related, right?! And what is going on?? You might be on bed rest?! Is everything okay??


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