Monday, December 9, 2013

36 Week Bumpdate!!!

I'm baaaacccckkkk!!!! Hahaha, bear with me people, I am so bad at keeping up on these things! In fact, our big chalkboard door in our kitchen STILL says 30 weeks... yep that was from back in October. Ooops. We just get so busy with life sometimes, taking photos in front of a door falls to the side. That being said, I have some new belly shots and lots of info for your reading pleasure! Onward!

It appears I really am growing a human in there! And he is getting huge! 

 How far along: 36 weeks! We've hit the 'pre-term' mark! Woot for small victories!

Total weight gain/loss: So far, so good I think. I've gained around 28lbs, with 4 of them coming during the Thanksgiving holiday. Sorry I'm not sorry, but if people could stop bringing us homemade toffee and if my errands could stop being near the most amazing chocolate shop in the world, it would be a LOT easier to gain at a normal rate.

Maternity clothes: Ah Maternity clothes... I never knew you could actually outgrow them?! Yep, some of my pants just aren't comfy anymore, I have three pairs that work wonderfully still, and three others that are on their way to the next prego lady.

Stretch Marks: Yesterday, we entered uncharted waters with 4 tiny stretch marks appearing below my belly button and on the sides of my stomach. At first I thought they were just indentions from wearing too tight pants... then I remembered I live in yoga pants. Definitely not the case. But can't fight nature I guess! I recently switched from using Palmers Cocoa butter to Bella B Tummy Honey Butter, and I'm not sure if that's the culprit or if Henryk is just getting huge. (I prefer to blame him, as I'm feeling the hugeness in other areas)

Sleep: Meh. That's all I can really say. If I exercise (i.e. yoga or a long walk), I sleep much better. We are buying a temperpedic bed topper today, so I think that might help with my pressure points.

Best moment this week: We celebrated my company's annual Holiday party yesterday at the beautiful Sunriver Resort, and even though I couldn't get tipsy and act a fool on the dance floor like years past, it was still a wonderful time! Besides the below zero temps outside... yikes!

Miss anything: A good nights sleep, wine, beer, etc etc... Minor things in the grand scheme of pregnancy.

Movement: Non-stop, but it has changed into sharp nudges and long, slow continuous pressure on the ribcage. OUCH. Pretty sure baby boy has super long, strong legs like his papa.

Food cravings: Nope. Just food, and all the time. The hunger that couldn't be satisfied has left, but now I feel hungry all the time, but nothing sounds good. My poor belly doesn't know what to think!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Not too bad, but random things make me feel nauseous, which I hear is kind of common in late pregnancy?

Have you started to show yet?: The new game is... how big can she get? Strangers love to talk about my belly... Its actually pretty annoying. Luckily, the waddle hasn't kicked in quite yet, so I feel blessed there.

Gender: Henryk, our baby BOY!

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks are increasing, and I definitely feel some changes happening. He hasn't 'dropped' yet, but I have my first cervix check on Tuesday, so that will answer some questions.

Belly button in or out: Innie, but it is going through some major changes, and I am starting to think it might just pop out!

Wedding ring on or off: On, but only the band. My engagement ring is a little too tight. Boo.

Mood: Overall... pretty dang good! Its a little shocking. I do get really tired at night, and head to bed around 9:30 if I can.  

Looking forward to: Meeting this baby! So soon! Hopefully he decides to make his appearance a little early, preferably before the new year. We shall see. I'm also looking forward to finishing up with work, my last day is the 29th, only 12 shifts to go!!! 

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  1. Girl, you look great!! I can't wait to see Baby Henryk!! And a 28 weight gain is nothing--I'm pretty sure I packed on a good 4 pounds as well over Thanksgiving weekend (and it was totally worth it)!


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