Monday, September 9, 2013

Maternity photos and Gender Reveal!!!

Its the post you've all been waiting for!!!
Last week we met up with our dear friend Kaylee of Kaylee B Photography at a beautiful park near the Deschutes River for some fun photos to reveal the sex of our sweet baby! Without further ado...

Its A Boy!!!!! 

Hubs and I couldn't be more thrilled! When we were trying, and in the early stages of pregnancy we didn't really care what the sex of our baby way. I was on team Girl up until I started feeling movement around 16 weeks, and I immediately KNEW it was a boy. Like father like son, the kid is crazy active and definitely lets me know when he is ready for some food! I feel like I'm getting to know his personality already too, like if we poke and prod at my belly, he reacts. Almost as if to say, "leave me alone mama!" I'm so in love with this babe already, its sick. 
The next most FAQ after sex is a name... so do you want to know?! 

Yep, baby Henryk will be joining the family, come January! Hubs and I both have a strong polish background, and the captain of our Detroit Red Wings happens to be Henrik Zetterberg, so that was a small piece of our inspiration for the name. The meaning of the name Henryk is Lord of the House, so we thought it was rather fitting as well. We actually chose names for both sexes before we knew what we were having, so it has been pretty easy. However, if he comes out and doesn't look like a Henryk, we have a backup name as well.

How about some more adorableness of my hubs and I and our bump?

Bless Old Navy and their maternity department. I have to give props to those skinny jeans, the fit is great and they are so comfy!! Do yourself a favor a grab a pair if you're prego... you won't regret it! I imagine I'll wear them a few weeks postpartum as well. Comfort beats cute for me, and these are literally one step above maxi skirts and yoga pants.

I know I've mentioned a few times that one of my closest friends, Kendall and her man Chuck are expecting as well. As of today she hasn't delivered, but we are talking any day now! Come on baby!

She joined us for a few fun shots as well. Love this lady, and I can't wait to meet her little man!

Well that sums it up folks! Baby boy for hubs and I and we couldn't be any happier! So tell me, did you, or will you do maternity photos? What did you do for gender reveal, if you did it at all?! How bout future BBF shots?  We couldn't resist after this Pinterest inspiration... 


  1. Love, love, love!!! You look so fabulous, mamma!! I adore these pictures!! And the name!! SO exciting!


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