Thursday, October 10, 2013

27 Week Bumpdate

 I know, I'm a terrible blogger! I have a hard time delegating specific time each week to sit down and prepare a post, so please forgive me for being WAY behind in bumpdates. As I mentioned before, not a lot changes from week to week for me, so these every 4-6 week updates or so... They work for me! On that note, lets check out some curves eh?

 Lucky for you all, I do actually take somewhat regular photos of my bump. And its growing... boy is it ever growing! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll be able to see real time bump updates, as that's where I snagged all of these photos from. My husband has also been taking some on his camera, and I will do a montage, probably set to some sweet BMM (that's baby making music for those who don't know), so we can watch an evolution of growth around my midsection.

How far along: 27 weeks + 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: Up 14 lbs from pre-baby, which the doctor keeps saying is right on track. If I continue at this 1 lb a week gain I've been having since I actually started gaining, I will end up around 27 lbs, which would be great. But honestly, as long as he's healthy and getting what he needs, I could gain an extra 10 and be fine with it.

Maternity clothes: E'ry damn day! Love em! Pregnant women of the world, do no resist maternity clothes. They will save your sanity. And I get compliments too, example: "Oh those cords are super cute!" Me: "Thanks, they're hand me down maternity!" Snaps waistband for effect. You can easily find cute and comfortable maternity wear, just ask your recently pregnant friends and family!

Stretch Marks: I've come to terms with this a little bit more but... I got my first stretch marks. They are on the underside of my boobs, so I guess in terms of stretch marks overall, I can't complain much. Still using cocoa butter religiously, but you can't fight growth spurts.

Sleep: Oh sleep, that elusive concept that I will never experience at its most glorious again. Sleep is okay. Some nights are decent, others I toss and turn and its a battle. Between the dog that my hubs lets sleep under the covers on his side every night, being pregnant, and the two cats that like to make bread on your butt cheek at 2am... well I am ready for a bed of my own right about now. Rant over.

Best moment this week: Last night as hubs and I were falling asleep, baby Henryk was having a little dance party in the womb, and daddy got to feel some of the biggest kicks and rolls and twitches yet! That was pretty exciting, I love being able to share those moments with him.

Miss anything: A good nights sleep, wine, beer, etc etc... Minor things in the grand scheme of pregnancy.

Movement: Non-stop! I think Henryk has a future in break dancing, he can seriously throw down in there!

Food cravings: Nothing too weird, just food, and lots of it! Desserts of course!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Not too bad, I am definitely thinking the worst of those symptoms are over.

Have you started to show yet?: HA. Good joke, Yes, if you can't tell I'm pregnant, well maybe you need your eyes checked.

Gender: Henryk, our baby BOY!

Labor signs: Nope! Have had  a couple interesting things happen, but no major cause for concern. Lets just say pregnancy is a leaky process. Bleh.

Belly button in or out: Innie, and if it ever pops out I will be super impressed. I have the deepest belly button ever!

Wedding ring on or off: On! Always!

Mood: Cheerful and happy, I have been experiencing mood swings and MAJOR nesting. Cleaning and cooking are my favorite hobbies. And dessert eating.

Looking forward to: January!!! The holidays are also quickly approaching, so I am looking forward to relaxing and eating lots of yummy homemade treats!!!

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