Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting Laid

Our new andesite path that is!!!
A few months back, we asked my mom, who used to be a landscape designer, to draw up a plan for our super boring front yard. This is what she came up with!

Our lot is quite narrow at the street and really wide in the back, its perfect! We have a huge backyard and tiny-ish front area. No complaints here! We love the plan Mom came up with, so we (James) started with the install of the path.

VERY first! Call 811 before you dig and have your utility companies come mark where they are. Save yourself the hassle of hitting a water or gas line. Its worth it! 
First we measured and flagged it out so we could run a cord along the edge, which I painted over to mark our edges. Then James went through with our edger tool and cut the sod into chunks small enough for him to lift. Grass is heavy! He then rolled it out and tossed it into the back of our truck. We took it to our local recycling center for disposal, it was only $5 to dump!

Next, we got a yard and a 1/4 of 3/4inch sand and raked that in as our base. The stones we used are 2", so we needed to build up a firm base to rest them on and bring them to level with our driveway.

Then came install! Our stones were delivered from Instant Landscaping for the low cost of $40, and off we went! Hubs has a time lapse of this process, I will see if I can upload it here.

Here is the path with the stones in, but no fill dirt. Up until this point, I'd been acting as forewoman of the project. Lots of directing, not too much heavy lifting. Hey. I'm pregnant ya'll!

The final step was my time to shine though. I purchased ten creeping thyme plants and planted them in some of the cracks, then filled in with top soil! Here is the final project!

I know its a little blown out, good ol' midday photo for ya! But we are super pleased with the final outcome! Its so nice to have the massive expanse of lawn broken up now, and a more organic path leading from the sidewalk to the front door. Next we are tackling the blank are in front of the windows. James expanded the bed size last night, so we are ready for top soil and plants!!

What do you think of our new path? Any landscaping tips for us? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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