Thursday, September 5, 2013

Inspiring Nursery Round-Up

Probably the most frequently asked question about our future child, is if we have started on the nursery yet! Truth be told, we haven't, other than some major de-cluttering and eviction of old pieces of furniture. Our guest room is becoming the nursery, I haven't figured out what we will do for guests yet. The good thing is, baby won't be sleeping in the nursery until they are probably 4 months old at least, so we will probably leave the bed in there until that point.

We decided pretty early on that we wanted a forest/woodland 'theme' for baby's room. I use the word theme loosely, as I despise rooms that are too overdone in a theme. I prefer a general idea of said theme, versus looking like you bought every piece that read 'woodland' in the baby store.Be sure to click through to the original sources if you like what you see! So much inspiration out in blogland! Without further ado, here is a round-up of nurseries that we adore and are gathering inspiration from!


We will start here. This wall color. Perfection. The color is Porcelain Shale by Valspar. Our nursery is a room filled with light, and this tone of gray is neither red nor blue! Perfect, chalky neutral. We will also be doing the lower portion of the room white, just like this photo. We will install a chunky white chair rail to separate the space and add some architectural detail, which will  hopefully grow with baby as the room matures.

I love the wallpaper in this room, as well as the white dresser with the wood crib. Our crib is a hand-me-down from my mom, shockingly enough. My selfless parents were foster parents for the last few years, and she bought the crib off Craigslist from a gal I actually used to work with! Small world up here in Oregon. It is from Restoration Hardware and it is a piece of art. Gorgeous. We will be using the Hemnes 8 drawer dresser from Ikea for our nursery. I trolled Craigslist for a while for the perfect dresser, but it wasn't appearing. This dresser, which will double as our changing table, will last for baby as it matures. To get the faux bois element into our woodland nursery, I am sewing curtains from this lovely fabric. I am in loooove!

This is my absolute favorite nursery I have stumbled across. Light, bright and doesn't scream baby. So much inspiration in this room. I have already begun a DIY project based off an element of this room, you'll have to stay tuned to see what that is! Be sure to click through on this one. The changing table/dresser is incredible, and hubs is building me a tray just like theirs (instructions included at the source), so we don't have to worry about the little one sliding off the table.

First of all... Baby Henry... adorable. Ok, moving on, I LOVE love love LOVE that Locally Grown sign, made by Onion Grove Mercantile. Like adore with every fiber of my being. So if someone wanted to be a doll and get one made for me, representing Bend, Oregon of course. I would certainly not object!

I love to read. My parents spent hours of time reading to my brother and I when we were young and I plan on doing the same for my child. Our nursery will definitely include some major floating bookshelves, so little baby can choose their own books when they are ready! Blogland is full of awesome floating shelf ideas, so my inspiration is limitless in that department!

Whew!  A short, but extensive list, and small peek inside my crazy pregnant brain! Be sure to follow my Miniwick Pinterest board for even more baby inspiration.

I know I haven't revealed what we're having yet, and I'm sorry BUT! We did finally get some maternity shots taken, I am just waiting on the disc from our wonderful photographer, Kaylee of Kaylee B Photography. So next week, I promise you will get a gender reveal and even a name!
Stay tuned!

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