Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stuff to make while you drink

Oh the Dollar Tree. Such a source of inspiration. Not. Like the day this spring I was browsing around looking for nothing at all, and came home with this cute little vase and some twine.

After pouring myself a Mimosa with some leftover champange from goodness knows... I started wrapping the twine around the neck of the vase, then crossing diagnally to the bottom, where I tied off another knot.

Being a smartie-pants, I tied the string tightly, which made it extremly difficult to add more to the same base string. Silly girl. This is when we got chunky on the twine. For each cross I made, I had to tie on a whole new piece.

Cute. Kinda. More twine wrapped around the neck and base, and we have a cheap Ballard Designs attempted knock-off. I was inspired by Frugal with a Florish's version. Cute right?!!

Once it got chunkified and dressed up with some tulips and daffofils, I think its pretty cute!

I try. Then I get distracted and take pretty pics of daffi's and tomatos. Silly.

Fun with Canon and the Dollar Tree.

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