Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dreaming in Color

This post actually has nothing to do with nighttime dreams. Although I do dream in color while I sleep. Do some people actually dream in black and white? Hmm...

The color I've been dreaming about is that of our soon to be painted exterior.
This is what our exterior currently looks like...
Not too bad right? Except the green reminds me of the inside of a retirement home. The color Doctors offices are painted to calm people down before they are told they're dying. And to make matters worse, the entire inside of the house was painted the EXACT same color when we purchased it. Obviously we remedied that ASAP.

And the brick. Oh the brick. Puke. The color I would use to describe it is 'Malibu Pink'. Its rosy. Not so much for us.
The Craftsman thing is HUGE here in Central Oregon, so with our exterior updates, we will transform our retirement home themed house into a more modern dwelling!!

Here is a quick mock up I did in photoshop which sort of gives an example of what I'm thinking...
(I suck at photoshop btw... )

Hehehe. The blue will be Behr Shale Gray

And the brown will be a Cedar skirt, with slate tiles on top. Sort of like this.

We also plan on getting a nice cedar garage door eventually, and painting the trim either white, or doing cedar. We will also be adding cedar trim around all the windows.

In the places the foundation is exposed, we will be painting a darker blue, most likely Behr's 'Distance'. Its on the same paint chip as 'Shale Gray', so they will play nicely together.

Despite these dramatic changes, the thing I am most excited about is painting our front door. My parents both grew up in New England, where brightly painted front doors are iconic on traditional homes.

I want a yellow front door. I have been browsing images for weeks, and have several pinned on Pinterest.

I lalalove! this door and color combo, but since we are going with more of a gray-blue, I think a lighter yellow will work better.

I also want to attempt to do a yellow 'wash' since we have a nice wood door now, and I know the hub will like a lil wood grain showing through the paint. I will definitely be practicing on scrap wood first lol.

I'm thinking this yellow, Straw, from Ace. It looks pink in the swatch, but its more of a buttercream color, and looks ahhh-mazing! with the Shale Gray.

We also are in the midst of removing probably a metric ton of river rock from the front of our house, and plan on landscaping this summer. We'd like to paint first, so all the nice plants don't get trampled by us. (Yes we plan on doing it ourselves. Yes we have an awesome contractor friend who is bringing over his sprayer)

So that is my brain right now. Consumed by thoughts of yellow front doors and cedar skirts. Whats your thoughts on painted front doors? Any other colors we should consider? Spill people!!

Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend!


  1. Hi there! I found you on the Mustard Ceiling's Mix and Mingle Party.
    I think you should go bold on your front door color! A boring color will blend right in with the block. A brighter option will add a bit of curb appeal. I like the bright yellow. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Kristi! It will be a fun change for sure!

  3. I agree with Kristi, go bold on the front door. Your changes are going to look fabulous!

    Thanks for linking up to mix and mingle this week.


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