Friday, July 8, 2011

Antlers antlers everywhere!!

I dunno. Growing up here in Oregon, the wild, wild west, antlers and carcasses of country folks trophy kills as decor are kind of the norm.
So although I am semi into the newish trends of antlers/animal head wall decor, I can't help but be a little freaked out.
Especially when I spied this image from House Beautiful...
The rustic thing they have going on is lovely.
But seriously, I would be soooo soo sooooo freaked out to have all those antlers over my bed!! Gah!

On a more positive, less morbid note, I also spotted recently some 'branch-lers', which were twigs mounted to a plaque which was then mounted on a wall.

That I can handle. How clever some designers are, especially Luke Bartels, who created this pair, which was featured in House Beautiful. Now I'm off to stalk the neighborhood for my own twigs. I think I will spray mine white, and paint the plaque a crazy color, like purple. Yes...

What's your stance on the Animal head/Antlers trend? Loving it? Not so much?? Share!!!

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