Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Witamy (Welcome) to our home

I've been tossing this idea around in the ol' noggin for quite some time, and finally did something about it!

James and I both have strong Polish heritage, mine coming from my mother's father, who was born in Poland. My grandfather, Charles is one helluva man. He is well known in his community for his continual service to others, as well as just being a fantastic man. My cousin Steve once referred to him as a god among mortals. He is one of a kind, for sure.
My other 'grandpa', Joe,  isn't actually related to me, but he was very close when I was a child. He has since passed on, but his legacy lives on. I have a wooden bench that Grandpa Joe built years ago that has moved around with me since collage and was due for a makeover.

You may have spotted it living on our porch back when I did  my Upcycled Candle Stand...
There was nothing wrong with the bench in its current state, besides the honey oak color. In honor of Grandpa Joe, I decided to give her a little update!
Centsational Girl is one of my favorite blogs, and also the motivation behind this update. A few months ago, she did a fabulous white wash treatment on a coffee table for her cabana, and I was hooked! Wood! White! Together as one! LOVE!!!!!!!!!

So I sanded down my old bench and got to prepping!

A few trips around with the orbital sander and my bench was ready for her makeover! I had originally planned on using watered down primer for my whitewash, but stumbled across this fun product at our local Ace. 

That says 'Pickling White' if your bionic eyes can't read it. Hehe. I was sold at Grain Enhancing. So it jumped into our basket and came on home. I used a foam craft brush to apply it, and the first coat went on super nice!

Most instructions said to wipe the stain off after it started to set up, but I wanted serious white here, so I did a second coat after the first was dry, and didn't wipe either off!
Daredevil, I know.

She was looking hella fresh after coat two, and ready for the next step.
To honor Grandpa Charlie, I wanted to stencil the word, 'Welcome' in polish, on the top of the bench. A quick internet search told me that 'Witamy' is the word I was after. There are several other ways to write the word in Polish, but this version is the more informal one, which is definitely what I'm after.

I measured (correctly this time!)  the center of the bench and used black craft paint to stencil on the word.

my only mess-up!!
It was a longer process that anticipated since the stencils overlapped slightly and I had to literally watch paint dry, but about 40 minutes later we were D-U-N Done!

I'm in love. Two coats of outdoor poly and one light sand later and she was ready for her front porch debut!

I love it!!!! She lightens up the stoop so much, and pays homage to two very important men in my life.

Even Yago the cat approves. 
I decided it was time to bring out the first Fall decor as well, and my leaf wreath was pulled out of storage. 

I made this bad boy last fall, after being inspired by Thrifty Decor Chicks Square Leaf Wreath. Mine isn't nearly as cool, but I do love it. 

The stoop is much more inviting now, even Sammy wants to hang out on it. 

In hindsight, I wish would have added a black frame around the top of the bench... but I can always add it later. 

Anyone else busting out the fall decor? We had our hottest day of the year in September, I'm predicting an Indian Summer!!! Hows life in your neck of the woods?

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