Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrapbook Initials

Quick and easy craft projects are my thing.
Time consuming furniture makeovers are also my thing.

I snagged these initials from Joann's, and wanted to paint them or something to add to our "gallery wall". Black is pretty much my favorite color, so they got a coat of black craft paint, and waited for the next step.

And waited.
And waited.
Until I received a wave of crazy motivation and finally fixed them up! I laid them over my chosen paper, and traced around with a pencil.

This paper in particular, was more difficult because it wasn't a solid sheet, so lots of little pieces fell off once they were removed from the larger piece. I just kind of moved them around until I liked the layout. 

A coat of adhesive and some dry time and they were looking cute! But the edges still had some overhang, so the utility knife cleaned that right up. 

At this point, I was considering being done with it, but the edges still showed some white where I had trimmed them up. I dragged out my markers to find a matching blue hue for touchups. Of course, it got messier than I anticipated, and I ended up coloring both the letters slightly different shades of aqua. When James saw it, he loved it, so my fail turned into a win.

I love that. 

After attaching some twine to the back with hot glue, I hung them from a shelf in our dining nook. 

I love the slight difference in their color, and the little extra details that raises them from your standard painted initial. 

Quick and easy crafts. Mostly. 

Any fun new projects out there? I'm itching for some fall, but other projects are currently in the way ; ) More on that later. 
Have fun friends!

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