Sunday, September 18, 2011

{Special Party} Early planning!!

So we are still on vacation...
and it is Ahhhhhhhmazing!!
But honestly, I am completely consumed with thoughts of our upcoming (in one year harharhar) wedding!!! Before James and I got engaged, we would talk about a future wedding, sometime, and I always referred to it as our 'special party'.

So without further ado, here are some inspirational pictures we are loving as we move forward with planning!!
(All images and sources available through my Pinterest)

Hood River, Oregon

This photo was taken at Cathedral Ridge Winery, located in Hood River, which is where James and I fell in love... We visit the city all the time, and really enjoy riding bikes around the area, visiting local microbreweries, and exploring the amazing Columbia River Gorge. Hood River is about a 2 and a half hour drive from our home, so it would be a slightly destination wedding. I grew up with Mt. Hood right out my bedroom window, and I would love to get married at the foot of it.

A Barn or Rustic Setting

Cathedral Ridge also has a sweet indoor/outdoor party space, but I think their guest limit is a little lower than our party will land. We want a rustic, forest, outdoorsy vibe, so an old barn or similar space would be ideal. We are planning a trip up there to check out some potential sites, and I am hoping to find a farm with an amazing barn, as well as a view of Mt. Hood.

Plum Purple, Foliage Green, and Rusty Fall Orange

Since we will be having a fall wedding (September 2012), obviously we will want fall colors. I have always loved Dahlias and Hydrangeas, so we are going off those colors. James wanted to draw in some fall-ish colors, thus the pop of orange. Plus I loooooove purple and orange is its natural compliment. I also love lanterns, and we will definitely be incorporating them into our wedding decor. 

 Centerpieces / Favors 

We just attended a wedding where guest took home succulents which were also used as decor during the ceremony. I LOVE this idea, but would like to take it a step further using small trees, which guests would be encouraged to take home and plant outside! Oregon is an easy place to grow plants (well the west side of the mountains is at least), and I love the idea of reducing our impact by planting some trees. I also think it would be fun to have guests post photos of the trees on flikr or something, maybe after a year? That might be asking too much... I love the earthy, natural textures of the burlap sacks on the pots as well. Definitely will be a do-able DIY project. 
Hair and Dress 

I have the most ahhhmazing hairdresser in Bend! I have a ton of hair, and she acts like its nothing. I have been seeing her for about 4 years, and she always does me right. I love this style above, and would like my hair to be soft and fairy-like. A flower hairband will probably make an appearance. 
This isn't my dress... but I am OBSESSED with the one-shoulder silhouette. If I find the right strapless dress, I have a sneaky little tip to upgrade the dress and make it one of a kind. So we shall see what direction this takes. But I love this dress... sigh. 

We want our reception to be fun-filled and reflect us as a couple. James tends to grow a mustache every fall in preparation for Halloween, so this fun straw would be perfect for us. I would also do a fat set of red lips for the ladies wink. Gotta represent! 
We also want a live band AND DJ, and hopefully we have friends who can make this happen for us. We also want to get a food cart to cater for us, less cleanup and more original than your standard wedding buffet...booooorinnnnggg!! 
Last but not least, we want to create a little area with some props such as a 2 person bike, an old door, and a box or two full of props for a photo booth!! We will have 2 photographers (friends, THANK YOU!), so it should be a fantastic moment of fun and silliness, just like James and I. 

I realize this is only a tiny morsel of the planning we will need to be doing, and we have only the bare bones of a budget set up but.... this is my dream day!!! 
And I can't wait to see what James and I can create to make our dream a reality!! 
Stay tuned for more planning, includes HEAPS of DIY projects. Remember, budget baby!!!! 

Any tips I need to know moving forward?! Help a girl out!!! 

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  1. I love the tree favor idea!

    My weddings words of advice what you love and leave the rest to someone else. It sounds lazy but there are so many things that need accomplished...share the wealth. If there is a task that you don't really care much about/don't want to do...pawn it off on someone else. EVERYONE wants to help with weddings...let me them do your dirty work!


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