Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When you least expect it...

Life. It loves throwing curveballs, am I right?!

Hubs and I have been enjoying married life for about 10 months now. Things are glorious. Marriage is the greatest thing I have ever been apart of.
Until now, or April to be exact.

The Mister and I are soon to be a party of three!!! We are overjoyed, and have been enjoying the journey immensely so far. We found out we were expecting in late April, and our due date is January 10th!

So here goes, the first of 26 weekly bump updates!

How far along: 14 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: About 3 lbs gained so far. Hub says its all boobs and belly, thanks love ; )
Maternity clothes: 1 pair of Rockstar jeggings from Old Navy which are super cute and comfy. I also rock some maternity capri's a friend lent me to work in, so comfy! Usually I am in a dress though, or I use the hairband trick to expand the waistband on my pants/shorts.
Stretch Marks: Nope, doing my best to lotion/massage every day to keep the skin supple. Hubs likes helping with that too lol. 
Sleep: Meh. Somedays its great, somedays not so much. I am a back/stomach sleeper so adjusting to sleep on my sides is rough going so far.
Best moment this week: Finally announcing our pregnancy on Facebook. Most everyone we work with and the family and close friends already knew, but now being able to talk about it anytime anywhere feels awesome!
Miss anything: Beer and wine, medium rare steak, sushi, and being able to ride my mountain bike! But its all worth it!
Movement: Not really. Sometimes I think maybe, then I realize its probably gas or disgestion. But in the next few weeks I hope to!
Food cravings: Only the things I can't have...
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Not really, heartburn is another story though! Drink water, heartburn, eat anything, heartburn... Le sigh.
Have you started to show yet?: There is a definite roundness there, its awesome. Although mostly I just look like I ate a big burrito.
Gender: Unknown, we find out August 13th! I have a strong feeling its a girl, but we shall see!
Labor signs: Hell no!
Belly button in or out: Innie, and if it ever pops out I will be super impressed. I have the deepest belly button ever!
Wedding ring on or off: On! Always!
Mood: Just my usual cheerful self. Tired easily but feeling awesome.
Looking forward to: Enjoying the beautiful summer and finding out the gender soon!

There it is folks! Our big news! Check back soon for weekly updates and more fun fun baby info!!


  1. Oh, I love this!! And totally hear ya! Brandon and I were married in January and were just kinda going with the flow and got a big (and wonderful) surprise in April! You look so adorable and I love your outfits! How are you feeling?!

    1. Thanks lady!! I'm feeling awesome, we find out the sex today so I am just dying of anticipation!! We also haven't had an ultrasound yet, so I can't wait to finally get a glimpse of the bun!!!


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