Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chainbreaker Coriander Chicken Skewers

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Today, I am sharing my new FAVE thing to cook for dinner! Its no secret that the Mister and I love some craft beer, and this recipe is an excellent way to incorporate a light and bright flavor, AND have a logical beer pairing when it comes time to eat!

I found this recipe from my absolute favorite food blog, Cooking Classy. Almost daily, Jaclyn has me drooling on my keyboard with her luscious photos and creative ideas!

I followed Jaclyn's recipe, found here, pretty much to the T. The major change I made was to add about 6 ounces of Deschutes Brewery's Chainbreaker White IPA to the marinade. Chainbreaker is among my favorite beers in existence. It is light, the color of sunshine in a glass, with complex flavors like CORIANDER and bitter orange peel, which make it the most logical addition to this Indian marinade. If you are concerned about residual alcohol on your food, it cooks off on the grill, but marinating in beer before grilling has been proven to reduce the amount of carcinogens on your meal! Win-win situation here!

We decided to go the healthier route and make quinoa with Italian Kale as our starch for this dish. Quinoa is a protein rich grain from South America that has wonderful texture, a nutty flavor and cooks quickly! We made a quick curry vinaigrette to toss it in with the wilted kale, and Boom, tasty dinner for two! We also added some chopped cucumber to Jaclyn's yogurt sauce for a  a nice refreshing pop of flavor.

The chicken cooks relatively quickly on our charcoal grill, we do approximately 5 minutes on each side. I also brush the leftover marinade on the skewers right when they do on the grill.

What's your go-to weeknight meal? Any other amazing beer marinades out there? Spill!!
I'll be back soon with more updates to our Urban Farm... it is growing!!

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