Friday, February 3, 2012

My Passion & A Call to Action

Good morning friends!! Just popping in to share something that came up in the media this morning. As you all know, I am an advocate for rescue animals and have a deep love for the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. Cash, our puppy is a rescue, and Sammy and our past dog Cruz were as well.
This morning, it was brought to my attention that McDonald's has launched a radio ad campaign basically stating that eating Chicken McNuggets is safer than petting a pitbull. Please a take a moment and let that set in.

I am absolutely outraged by this, and have already contacted McDonalds via email, as their phone number says they are experiencing 'technical difficulties'. I'm hoping that is stemming from a massive influx of responses regarding this ad. Please please please, take a moment to reach out to McDonalds and express your opinion on this matter. 
I can personally attest to the absolute love and loyalty of this breed, and everyday I fight a battle for their equality and rights in the world. I take my pitbull everywhere and expose him to all sorts of situations, and answer any questions positively and honestly. I attend weekly obedience classes with my dog, so that he may be an ambassador for his breed and other rescue animals. He is not perfect, but neither am I, and neither of us will ever be. But negative images painted by ignorant and uninformed corporations will continue to make our lives more difficult. However, we will never rest, and we will never lie down. It will only make us stronger, our voices louder and our mission clearer.

Here is my sweet pitbull and chow-mix, just a few days ago, after a fun bike ride in the woods.

Safer than a chicken nugget? I think so!! 
Here a some rescue organizations with more information and fabulous resources. 

BAD RAP: My heros. They are based out of the bay area and are an absolutely amazing group of people. 
VillaLobos: Based out of New Orleans, this group specializes in rehabilitating both dogs and people. An amazing cause and group of people. 
Born Again Pitbull rescue:  Based out of Portland, Oregon (local!!), and have lots of great information and resources on their website. 

Thanks for listening.


  1. Has anyone managed to identify the location/radio station or gotten a sound byte? I'd love to help track this down- it's ludicrous!

    1. I'm not sure, I know a lot of people have been trying to record one. Thanks for your passion and wanting to help out, the more voices the better!!!

  2. I saw that! So sad, I haven't eaten at McDonald's in about 7 years and don't intend to after this!

  3. Sometimes people should just stop and think.

    Look at that face though. So very precious!

  4. Yay! More pit bull lovers!! Happy time! Anyway, I heard about this too and I was ticked. I called McDonald's after school (and after homework) to talk to them. After pressing one, a voice recorder came on saying that they were going to pull down this ad because of all the complaints they got from people saying how offended they were. I would've have left a voice message, but it didn't have the option to. They better take it down 'cause that just is NOT right! They REALLY need to think about their ads before airing them.

  5. Terrible shame this breed has been labeled with so much predjudice. People can be so easily manipulated and I can't understand why this breed has been pushed into the spotlight as if it was a wild animal ready to strike. We need to stop the people of this world from looking at this dog breed as anything other than just another dog. Any dog can bite and any dog could be a danger. Problem is irresponsible owners that are not committed or responsible to a dog. Pit bulls are powerful animals and are athletes and need to be treated as that. Proper training socializing and structure are the key to keeping this breed in line and if these things are done you would be hard pressed to find a better family dog. Any dog breed would benefit from the same but because of the predjudice that follows this breed there is no margin for error. As responsible pit bull owners we need to make sure that we set the bar high and show the world the great attributes that this breed has. Let's keep up the work and socialize,train,socialize and breed the hell out of these dogs to erase the label that has followed them for the last thirty years. It's not the dog it's the owner! It's not the gun it's the owner!!

  6. Absolutely agree NGR69. Well said. They are great dogs!!!

  7. adorable! i love my BULLY so much, even when he eats our chicken!! LOL! great family pets. i have 4 young kids who "ride" him, pull his ears and i've never heard a snarl out of him. a total sweetheart. thanks for a great post.


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