Friday, January 6, 2012

Sick Day

So the madness has begun at work with our construction and closure for several weeks, and the training process for our new employees is just ramping up. And the sickness strikes. Being a restaurant employee, I have a kick ass immune system, but I'm thinking the combo of a certain time of month and adjustment to a new sleeping schedule has gotten me all mixed up inside. So I'm home today with a rocking headache and other yuckyness and an extra crazy puppy. Le sigh.

I haven't been posting much about wedding stuff lately, mostly because we are at a standstill until this work crazyness wraps up. My bestie Lacey, who also got engaged recently, and I are going to the Central Oregon Bridal Show in a couple weeks, and I am headed up to Portland the weekend after to look for dresses and meet with our coordinator, invitation designer, and potential caterers.

Anyhoo, here is a collection of images that are making me happy in this time of yucky.

I can't wait to include our boys in our special day this Fall, however this last picture makes me giggle with anxiety. I am pretty sure Cash would pose perfectly for the pic, then in one fell swoop, slurp up the rings and trot away like nothing happened. And J and I would be left digging through doodoo for the next week in hopes of getting our rings back. Yikes.

We are still in the hunt for a tandem bike for our wedding day. I'm hoping for a sweet vintage one, the newer ones just don't have the same charm for me. If that doesn't work out though, I will be perfectly satisfied with some shots of us and our townie bikes. Gotta represent our love for the pedal power! 
The ceremony in our wedding will be short and sweet. While James and I are spiritual people, we will definitely be non traditional in our I Do's. I am loving how this couple is holding hands during the ceremony, and this is be happening for us for sure. I'm not to sure I'd be able to stand on my own anyhow. Lo fact : VERY emotional person.

Lo fact: huge hair = extra hot. I love this messy braid. So gorgeous.

Shades of plummy purple are our wedding colors, and J is wanting gray for himself and his entourage, I am sweating big time over this combo above. Sleek and sexy, perfect.

And last, but not least, details have been coming together for my bachelorette debacle. We will be doing a whitewater rafting trip on the Lower Deschutes in Maupin, and I will definitely be getting these type of shots. So necessary.

Since I like to finish strong (twss), I will leave you with a shot of the rock. The one that started this whole journey, the one that symbolizes J and I's past, present, and future. Behold! 
Gorgeous, I know. I love it too.

Now off to my nest on the couch with some lemongrass soup and a marathon of Gossip Girl on dvr. yess......

{all image source info can be found on my pinterest special party gems board. except the ring shot, that belongs to me}


  1. Awww, I so wish my pooches could've been in our wedding. It would have been a catastrophe but still cute ;)


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