Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday's

Well, hi there friends!
It seems winter is finally starting to show its face around here! I know all you East Coasters have been wallowing in the white stuff, I hope cleanup is going smoothly for you!
After a long(ish) Fall, today we have recieved our first visible snowfall in Central Oregon!

Here we are looking at Pilot Butte, the dormant cinder cone in the middle of our fine city.

Had the capture the date, just in case I somehow forgot, or ever needed to know again... yeah...

So James, the furry kids, and I are enjoying a mellow day at home. Daylight savings has made us so much more productive. I'm baking a pumpkin cake with a recipe from Pinterest. Only two ingredients, I like the sound of that!

Cash is growing like a little monster weed. He climbed on my legs and fell asleep a few days ago...

Despite his razor sharp teeth and tendency to greet everything with his teeth, he is an awesome little pup, and learning really quickly. 
In house news, the living room is all painted, and I think I might attack the guest bathroom next. Hmmm... all the supplies are out, why not right? Here is a little sneak peek of the living room, its made such a change! I'm going to clean up later and take pics, so stay tuned!! 

 Gah!! Wasn't that peanut butter color horrible?!!!

Hope everyone is warm and cozy like us and enjoying the weekend!! I'm starting to feel the holiday spirit!! 

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  1. What a cute puppy!

    Excited to see your new color...not excited for any snow that may be headed this way!!


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